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    My goal is to first and foremost, unapologetically, represent Jesus Christ as King, Lord, and Savior. Next my mandate is to help people understand that their are no limits in God regardless to where they live, how they have been brought up, what they have experienced, or have been taught! If it contradicts  the Word of God, my mission is to radically reveal the Truth of  God's uncondtional love, his purpose, and plan, by untying  the chains of bondage that is set up by false doctrines , perspecitves, and perceptions, which  keep people from walking  in the truth of who they really are! 


    Safiya is a woman after God's own heart. She is an author, teacher (holding a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Education), innovator, and  motivational speaker that intercedes and ministers with revelation, passion, and zeal. She is a prophetic voice for such a time as this!  Safiya believes that it is her mandate from God to teach others the truth of God  and His Word through her writing, speaking, instruction, preaching and prophesying, and intercession, the will of God, His statues, and kingdom principles. Safiya  has also designed support groups for teens, as well as coordinated and led all night intercession to bring about breakthrough and transformation  for Women Conferences.


    Succeed And Teach Ministries in which Safiya is founder and CEO, is designed to empower, enrich, and equip both adults and youth how to develop and cultivate their spiritual identity, gifts, and emotional well being  through seminars, workshops, trainings, and  the V.K. (Victorious Kids) Worship and Arts Academy. Succeed And Teach's mission is to first  demonstrate how to walk in the will of God and then to teach others how to do the same. For this is the true definition of success. 


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