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“True Success is walking  in the will of God, and teaching others how to do the same.”

        ~Safiya Amira Terrell

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I have been sent to first and foremost unapologetically represent Christ as King, Lord, and Savior.  I have also been given the Spirit of Jeremiah, crying out to those who only know God from their mouths but not within their minds, to turn back to the essence of what they were created for....relationship! 

I’ve also been sent to establish the sons and daughters of God through giving them the strategies and tools that will transform their lives to become like Christ for the benefit of others. My assignment is to help both adults and youth to identify who they are in Christ, empower them to follow Christ through a lifestyle of intimacy and worship, and teach them how to operate in their God given power and authority based on the Word of God and the indwelling of His Holy Spirit. 

“But for now I will send many fishermen, declares the Lord, and they will catch them. After that I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them down on every mountain and hill, even from the clefts of the rocks.”

Jeremiah 16:16


Safiya is a woman after God's own heart. She is the author of “ You Are Victorious”, teacher (holding a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Education), innovator, and  motivational speaker that intercedes and ministers with revelation, passion, and zeal. She is a prophetic voice for such a time as this!  Safiya believes that it is her mandate from God to teach others the truth of God  and His Word through her writing, speaking, instruction, preaching and prophesying, and intercession, the will of God, His statues, and kingdom principles. Safiya  has also designed and established support groups for teens, as well as coordinated and led all night intercession to bring about breakthrough and transformation  for Women Conferences.

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Succeed And Teach Ministries in which Safiya is founder,  is designed to empower, enrich, and equip both adults and youth how to develop and cultivate their spiritual identity, gifts, and emotional well being  through developing a deep and intimate relationship with Christ and understanding the power that is manifested through a lifestyle of worship. Through seminars, workshops, and trainings,  Safiya also teaches leaders how to move beyond the single concept of traditional methods of teaching and instruction, and into creating pure and authentic atmospheres for young people to know God intimately through a relentless pursuit of worship. Safiya believes that young people are on the heart of God and it is time that they be brought into the throne room as that is the place where all transformation happens. Through these experiences young people are taught how to invoke God’s presence, hear his voice, use worship as a weapon to overcome trials and adversities, as well as grow in their expressions of worship through prophetic singing, dancing, painting, writing, poetry, and playing instruments. Safiya is also the creator of the We Worship 2 Youth Nights which are intimate worship gatherings where youth can activate the Holy Spirit within them by corporately and uninhibitely worshipping together on one accord and in Spirit and Truth. Safiya’s goal is to set the heart of the young people on fire for God, to raise up modern day Jeremiahs in the earth, and to turn people‘s hearts back to the father through a lifestyle of worship. Safiya has also established the We Worship 2 Academy, which is a six week summer camp designed for beginner children between the ages of 8-12 to be introduced to the realms of worship, praise, atmospheres, music, and expressions.  Succeed and Teach's mission is to first  demonstrate how to walk in the will of God by being the first partaker of his glory and then to teach others how to do the same. For this is the true definition of success! 


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